Christine Cushing’s Tomato Sauces:

To make a great sauce, I believe that you have to start with the best ingredients. Every single ingredient in my sauces is what I would use if I made it at home. I’m making it for you the same way. Sweating the onions and garlic in my PDO olive oil also gives the sauce a very rich distinction from any other sauce on the market. I want your opinion.

Creating my five delicious, all natural tomato sauces has been a great journey. It all started with my personal recipe that is made in small batches and gently cooked. The result is a fresh tasting sauce with the perfect balance of acidity and natural sweetness.

There are no additives or preservatives and I’ve reduced the salt as much as possible, so be sure to use them within seven days of opening and store in the fridge.

I also encourage you to let loose in your kitchen and use the sauces in many different ways, not only on pasta. For a variety of tantalizing recipes, from roasted pepper soup to pizza and ratataouille, go to the recipes section.   

How are you feeling today?  Pure, Daring, romantic or Fancy?


Prepared with only the best plum tomatoes, onions, fresh garlic, my extra virgin olive oil and Mediterranean Sea salt all blended with fresh aromatic basil.

This sauce is perfect for the purist who loves a fresh sauce bursting with ripe tomatoes and a hit of basil. Pure and simple. It’s great on pizza, any pasta or even added to your favourite stew.

Romantic, Porcini and Chianti

Prepared with only the best plum tomatoes,  onions, fresh garlic, my extra virgin olive oil,  porcini mushrooms, sweet Marsala and finished with fresh parsley.

This will bring out the romantic in each of us with ingredients reminiscent of the hills of Tuscany, with the earthy bold flavours of porcini mushrooms and a splash of sweet Marsala. It makes a phenomenal sauce for cannelloni. 


Prepared with only the best plum tomatoes,  onions, fresh roasted garlic, my extra virgin olive oil, zesty Greek oregano and dried spicy chilies.

This sauce is ideal for the thrill seeker who loves a peppery kick with a smooth sweet garlic finish. It’s ready to serve over your favourite pasta but for a twist steam your mussels in it and you’ll be licking the bowl.  The possibilities are endless.

Fancy, Cognac & Fire-Roasted Pepper

Prepared with only the best plum tomatoes, sweet fire-roasted peppers, Cognac, my extra virgin olive oil, fresh parsley and rounded with a touch of sweet cream.

This is an adventurer’s delight, loaded with roasted peppers and balanced with a splash of aromatic Cognac. It’s always delicious over penne rigate but for something new try adding some warm chicken stock for a robust, creamy roasted tomato pepper soup.

Recipes Featuring Christine's Sauces