What’s in every jar?

Ten whole sweet peppers, wood fire roasted and then slowly cooked using old-world, artisanal know how, a splash of Greek Extra Virgin olive oil from Greece, white wine vinegar and sea salt make up the magical combination in every jar.

There are no preservatives or additives and "Fired up" is made from sweet fresh peppers that were never pickled, so use it as a spread and not a condiment that usually is preserved with sugars and lots of salt and/or vinegars. Once you open a jar, store in the refrigerator and use within 7-10 days. 

How did the idea develop?

To back the story up a bit, I have been visiting Serbia, my husband’s homeland, for years and every time I go there I always say ”Why are the peppers so good here?”  So now that I’m practically a citizen, I found a great partner who was willing to adapt one of their national treasures, roasted pepper spread, to my very rigorous standards. When I open a jar, it smells like I’m standing right in front of a roaring wood burning fire. I think it’s absolutely addictive.  

How I love using Fired up:

I serve it with a bowl of olives, a charcuterie plate and warm fresh bread, or in a variety of dips - my favourite is Greek Feta, the peppers, chiles and voilà- kopanisti - which means ‘pesto’ in Greek. Here are some other cool ways you can get Fired up!

  • Serve on a pita or baguette with intense cheeses like, feta, goat’s cheese, pecorino or aged cheddar
  • Add it to your ground turkey or chicken to make moist and delicious sliders/ burgers or meat loaf
  • Serve a dollop along side grilled shrimp, wrapped in a pita
  • Top your favourite, burger, sausages or omelet, instead of ketchup
  • Is the perfect match for eggs in a frittata or quiche
  • Great topping for pizza as an alternative to tomato sauce.


Recipes Featuring Christine's Fired Up Pepper Spreads