Olive oil get s a lot of attention and yet we are still confused about what makes a great extra virgin olive oil. My extra virgin olive oil features the best of all worlds: a bold fruity flavour with a gentle peppery finish and a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), handpicked, and bottled at the source with all the certification to prove it.

This year’s harvest beautifully expresses the wild herbs and mountainous terrain of the region of Mani in the Peloponnese with a very low acidity of .29 (European law allows up to .8 to be considered extra virgin).

It’s a single olive or monocultivar called Koroneiki with one of the highest levels of polyphenols or antioxidants.

Tasting Notes: Fresh almonds, green apple, tropical banana, fresh lettuce.

What’s the Story?

I’m Greek and I make no bones about it, so naturally I wanted to share with you the best my homeland has to offer. Olive oil means so much to me and this year marks the tenth anniversary of my product line which started with a dream and this fruity olive oil. I continuously takes course, push my partners to improve our quality and educate home cooks on everything olive oil. Greeks consume more olive oil than anyone on the planet - a whopping 26L / year - so I want you to taste an extraordinary Greek oil that will exceed your expectations and inspire you to use it in so many delicious ways.

How I Love to Use My Olive Oil

  • It is surprisingly perfect for baking, especially with chocolate.
  • It makes a spectacular salad dressing.
  • It adds bold peppery notes to grilled vegetables, fish and roasted meats.
  • It’s perfect for pesto and dips.

Rolling hills in Mani , Greece where my extra virgin olive oil comes from .  

Rolling hills in Mani , Greece where my extra virgin olive oil comes from .  

Homer called olive oil liquid gold ( no seriously) …and the Greeks consume almost 25 L per olive oil per capita annually. It’s more than twice that of any other Mediterranean country.  Why should we care? Well it dawned on me that if they consume so much olive oil and they've been producing it for five thousand years, maybe I can learn something from them.  

Greece has so many stunning vistas, the second largest coasting in Europe but what I didn’t remember from my childhood visits is the alluring smell of wild thyme, marjoram and oregano. The mountains are covered in a bold palette of silvery green leaves and amber soil all leading to a turquoise crystal blue sea. This is where the olives for my extra virgin olive oil grow, on the remote hills of Mani in the south Peloponnese.

Always store olive oil  in a cool dark place and its flavour lessens the longer you keep it. So don’t be storing your favourite bottles for years in the cellar. 

Good quality extra virgin olive oils should always have a best before date or harvest date, a distinct flavour and not taste greasy or filmy. They should be in dark bottles to protect them from the sun. Intense flavour is a good thing. And since some producers are trying to sell cheap imitations, the best way to guarantee you’re getting authentic oil is to learn how good oil tastes. If it costs $ 5 / L – I don’t care what it says on the bottle, it’s not extra virgin. Never use light olive oil ( refined with less taste and health benefits but all the calories ).

Technical Details

My extra virgin olive oil features the best of all worlds: a bold fruity flavour with a gently peppery finish and a PDO Kalamata  (Protected Designation of Origin)

Harvest Date - November, 2016


My oil is pressed or extracted at a low temperature with the perfect amount of time blending the paste. These factors guarantee that we protect the delicate balance of the olive’s indigenous scents and flavours. This year's harvest has  a final acidity of  .29 %  ( European law allows up to .8 to be considered extra virgin)


In English this just means a single variety of olive is used. In Greece, especially, in this mountainous region, the Koroneiki olive flourishes.

Tasting Notes

Fresh almonds, Green Apple, Green Banana and Fresh Lettuce.

To fully appreciate the great flavour, try pouring some into a small glass, cupping it gently in your hands and swirling it. This warms it gently and releases the pronounced aromas of fresh almond, green apple, green banana and lettuce. Your sense of smell really helps your taste buds so if an oil smells rancid or musty don’t use it.

It makes a spectacular salad dressing and adds bold peppery notes to grilled vegetables, fish and roast meats. It’s perfect for pesto and dips. I love to use warm crusty baguettes for dipping. 

Yia Sas! To your health!


Recipes Featuring Christine's Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil


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