Introducing my unique series of cakes made exclusively with D.O.P 100 % extra virgin olive oil. Extraordinary flavour will keep you coming back for these cakes that are light enough to be enjoyed any day of the week but can easily be turned into a dazzling special occasion, restaurant quality dessert in a flash.

My product line started with this phenomenally fruity Greek olive oil and I’ve used it as the base for all of my savoury products to date, but this is first time I am featuring my oil in desserts.

Why olive oil? First of all not just any oil will do. D.O. P means, denomination of protected origin – like a VQA wine- all the stages of making this oil, including the harvest and pressing, are strictly governed. This distinctly fruity yet crisp flavour also gives the cakes a unique taste and texture. In my native Greece, women have been baking with olive oil for centuries and yet- other than making Greek traditional cakes and cookies- I hadn’t done much baking with olive oil. Once I started experimenting I was so excited to see how this delicious oil takes our more familiar baked goods, like brownies and banana loaves to a whole new level. Plus when you bake with olive oil, you use less fat than with conventional

Why the freezer? Because these cakes have been carefully created without preservatives and only ingredients that you would use at home, the freezer will keep them fresh.

*How long can I store them * These delicate cakes will last upto 3 months in the freezer. To serve, thaw, store at room temperature to bring back their tender and moist texture. Do Not store in fridge as that toughens the natural texture of the cakes. Treat like a fresh loaf of bread and once thawed, enjoy within 2 days.

Ravishing Brownies

Ravishing Brownies

The combination is so unexpected with the fruity notes from the extra virgin olive oil and the spicy chocolate combining to create a perfect taste sensation.  The chocolate is a combination of single origin Mexican chocolate and bitter sweet.  These brownies are delicate and just lightly sweetened. 

Tender Banana Loaf

Tender Banana Loaf

This banana cake is an adaptation of one of my dad’s moments of sheer baking genius. It’s so light and tender and makes the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee or tea or a great treat for kids.  

Radiant Lemon Fig Bundt Cake

Radiant Lemon Fig Bundt Cake

These baby bundts embody all my favourite flavours from Greece in perfect harmony: citrus, figs and fruity extra virgin olive oil. These simple airy cakes can be turned into a spectacular dessert in a flash.

The story of Tony's Famous Banana Loaf

It's obvious to me now that I shared my father's cooking/baking DNA.  Cooking came naturally to him and then me but baking was a whole other story. So of all the recipes my dad shared with us, it seems almost impossible that a banana loaf would be the one to inspire me to bring it to market.

Years ago, when I was on one of my live cooking demos across the country, I got this excitable phone call from my husband, going nuts about a banana loaf my dad offered him and how amazing it was and how I really needed  to taste it. I started laughing immediately knowing that my tasting it meant my dad would have to repeat this recipe. " So, he'll just make it for your when you get back", my unsuspecting mate said.    

We fast forward to my arrival back home and the scene in the kitchen where I'm asking my dad where the recipe for the banana loaf was. I knew there was no recipe because my dad could not and would not follow a recipe ever. So I started the interrogation process like I was with the CSI unit, going through all the ingredients that he likely used and guessing on how much of it he used.  Needless to say, it was a long and crazy journey to replicate that cake but once I cracked the code, I continued to revise and improve it.    

Later I realized that perfecting my dad's recipe was the easy part and bringing it to market was unbelievably challenging.  He did not live to see his cake on the store shelves but I'm sure he's smiling.