I've spent many years cooking on t.v. either live or taped or in restaurants and even people's homes.  Now I have the opportunity to cook for you right from my own kitchen.  We can spend a little quality time together cooking some of my favourite foods.  

For me food tells a story either by it's origin, how it's been passed on , where the ingredients came from or how the chef or cook was inspired to create it.  Here I want to share with you the recipes that inspire me.  There are family favourites that I used to cook with my dad or new favourites that I created, some great recipes that I remember from my travels and the most popular recipes requested from my t.v. shows. 

Every other Sunday I will broadcast a new step by step recipe of one of my favourite foods and I'd love your feedback.  After all, these recipes are for you to share , enjoy and also be entertained by. 

I am open to suggestions and would love to hear what recipes you love and if I can cook them for you.   Subscribe to my youtube channel and share if you enjoy the videos.  

Food is LIfe !