Let’s face it, the grocery store is designed by experts to take us up and down the aisles so that our cart is chock full of products that we didn’t even know we wanted, before we got there.  Throw in a few kids tugging at your legs, a hungry belly and shopping can be an ordeal. 

With all my culinary adventures over the years,  I have spent countless hours grocery shopping  how much I shop is really a bit of a family joke), so I have  come up with some helpful guidelines to make shopping quicker and focused on the four food groups our bodies need to keep us healthy.   

 Always have a grocery list, it helps you stay on track and not over shop.

 Spend most of your time in the outside aisles of the grocery store where most of the fresh items like dairy, vegetables and fruit and meats are found. When you go into the aisles refer to your list for specific ingredients like whole grains, canned fish and beans, peas and lentils.

 Don’t go up and down each aisle looking for what you may want because you are more likely to purchase foods that you don’t need.  Remember to use your grocery list.

  My number one rule of thumb is avoid shopping when you are hungry because that will definitely lead to purchasing things you didn’t need in excess amounts and also increase your shopping bill.

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