I suggest treating your kitchen like a restaurant and the key word is “ Planning!”   We’re all in this same mad rush it seems with the cooler months creeping in, the kids going back to school and everyone back from their vacations. Keeping our meals nutritionally balanced can be a bit trickier and before you know it everyone’s eating at separate times, sitting in front a screen with no idea what they are eating.   

It’s not easy for anyone to prepare breakfast lunch and dinner, seven days a week, but with a bit of inspiration,  planning , some practical tips and recipe ideas you’ll start getting into better eating/ cooking habits as a family. 

Here are my top five tips when it comes to keeping things balanced – nutritionally speaking:

1.       Spend a few extra minutes when preparing dinner to cut up extra veggies and fruit for tomorrow’s lunch.

2.       On weekends, become a big batch cook.  Cook and freeze meals like soups , stews and casseroles to use during busy times

3.        Take advantage of the fall harvest to add more colour and crunch to your cart.

4.       Teach your kids important life skills by planning meals as a family.

5.       Get a fibre boost by adding lower sodium chickpeas, kidney beans and lentils – don’t forget to drain and rinse them - to soups and chili.