Summer picnics and road trips

I remember our summer picnics when I was a kid so vividly to this day. When my family headed out on a picnic it was planned and no detail was left to chance.  We were not spit roasting whole lambs, but our picnics featured my mom’s handmade lean burgers, loaded with tons of fresh herbs, an assortment of vegetables like zucchini and fresh corn and the obligatory whole watermelon in addition to fresh cherries and strawberries.   My dad was a master at selecting the juiciest and sweetest watermelons and we’d always get the story about how the King Farouk watermelons back in Egypt when he was a kid were the best.    We didn’t know who King Farouk was but we knew he had the best melons, as we stood around with watermelon wedges in hand covered in watermelon juice. 

This story always takes me back to how much fun a picnic or a family road trip can be and how  you can’t just consider the food at the last minute.  To us the food really made the picnic and it was never complicated or expensive .   It was however, fresh,  homemade and delicious.    

Here’s our video with great tips and tricks on how to make healthy,  summer picnics and road trips