In our house, as hectic as things get, our motto is ' Never skip breakfast!' Some days it's easier said than done so I often find myself cooking up a big batch of steel cut oats the night before and storing them in the fridge for up to 4 days.  And I want to give you a little side note on the steel cut oats. I was the biggest skeptic and thought they would take too long to cook and they didn't taste like the smooth rolled oats that I'm used to.   I now love steel cut oats- which only take 20 minutes to cook- and by cooking them all at once, most of my work is done for me.  If you only have rolled oats, you can still follow this procedure just cook the oats for 10 minutes instead.          

Here's how I put the oats together for a quick grab and go breakfast in the morning.  I simply spoon out a half cup of my pre-cooked oats and warm them up in a small pan with a touch of water, to rehydrate them, then sprinkle with any kind of  fruit I have on hand.  In the fall I use apples, pears or bananas.  Then I drizzle with a teaspoon or so of maple syrup and sprinkle with ground cinnamon and chopped almonds.  I pour it into a small container put a lid on it and it will keep warm for twenty minutes or so.  If you prefer your oats with milk or milk alternative, feel free to add some 2 % milk or unsweetened fortified soy beverage instead. 

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